Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wacky draft day trade speculation and dovetailing news reports!

Oh my! Brian Burke, in his never-ending quest to get the Leafs Tavares (good freaking luck) is said to have had talks with Don Waddell regarding getting the 4th pick. Waddell said the usual, prudent, "I'll talk to people and entertain offers" thing, which is prudent since you never can tell what's coming up. He's been so adamant about the Thrashers knowing who they're picking, blah blah not trading the pick, blah blah... but for the right price? What if we can get our top D man *now* instead of a prospect that might take another year to grow? We'd get that at 7th as well as at 4th.

Well, a day after the Globe & Mail article, TSN cracks out this bomb... the Leafs got a major offer for Tomas Kaberle. TSN assumes it's from a team that got shut out of the Bouwmeester rights deal, but it could have just of easily come from a team that needs a solid D man. What does Burke want? To trade up. Were NYI, Tampa Bay, Colorado, and the Kings involved with J-BO talks? Not that I have heard of. Frankly, the idea that the Thrashers tossed out this idea is just as plausible, if not more so, than a team who had a deal fall through with Florida.

Beats me if this is true, but it's veeery eeenteresting...


Mortimer Peacock said...

I'm really quite torn on this one. I've always liked Kaberle, and he is really good, he really worth the #4? I think probably not.

Laura said...

If this is the only way that DW thinks he can land that top-4 D-man that he says he wants, this might be our best chance, though. I don't think that the FA market's going to turn us down as badly as last season, though... at least we have a coach now! :D

And, well, if a big d-man turns us down, we shouldn't be upset. Campbell turned us down, and I'm glad we're not stuck with his bloated deal and underproduction.

aaron said...

kaberle might be too ofensive-y. with the point production we've got back there already, kubina would be a much more attractive option. and NTCs are less frequent in d-man contracts - that's always a big help for the thrashers. :)

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