Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thrashers Call Up Chris Chelios

In a move that might be more "aw, give the old guy a shot!" than "hey, we need to win a game here," the Atlanta Thrashers have called up Chris Chelios from the Chicago Wolves (link to come). I was more in favor of Kulda than Cheli, frankly, seeing as how well Kulda and Bogosian play together, but I do take this as an upgrade over Pops, who is now in my doghouse temporarily (soon to be re-replaced by Todd White, I'm sure).

EDIT: Aaaand here's the written proof. They had to write it in Aramaic so Cheli could understand. Hey-OH!

Oh, and check out the end of that article - Koz's playing against the Blue Jackets. Looks like someone read my blog post. I'm sure.


Patrick said...

I figure it's more meant to add a leadership figure to the dressing room than anything else. Cheli's a guy who's definitely been there and done that, and his experience is probably a good way to jolt the lineup. Playing with him has done wonders for Kulda, maybe the same will happen with Bogosian or the team as a whole.

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

I'm guessing that's along the line of thought they're having. He's done a lot of good in Chicago, and we don't have a big, bad, playoff vet here other than Kubina (and Kozzie, but... yeah), so this might actually do some sort of good. Hopefully.

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